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Dedicated to supporting the continued health and well-being of the 1000’s of emergency responders that work throughout the United Kingdom.

The increased use of synthetic materials in modern buildings, cars and furnishings, coupled with the wide spread use of halogenated fire retardant chemicals, has increased the risk of long term health problems for the nations emergency responders.

Toxic materials produced as a byproducts of combustion can pose a serious long term problem to those that don't take reasonable steps to mitigate them.

The aim of this website is to openly, without prejudice, share steps that can be taken to keep exposure as low as reasonably practicable, ensuring responders can safely and effectively carry out their duties.

By understanding and educating on the risks we face through workplace exposure.

  • Gas Monitoring Pre and Post Fire
  • Gas Monitoring by the Entry Control Operative
  • Post Fire Decontamination to reduce exposure to soot and other toxic contaminants.

Seeking to provide a sensible and proportionate approach to keeping responders safe.

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Follow Safe Dry Decontamiantion Procedures