May 2019

Fire is Hazmats!

Last week, myself and Ian L from WMAS HART team presented at the NCEC Hazardous Materials Conference held in Stratford Upon Avon. Thank you for all the questions and support. We hope to share as much information as possible through this website. "Fire is Hazmats"


Lock it away and don't worry!

Don't be an Ostrich, follow the simple steps on this website to help keep you safe!


Gas Monitoring

In order to safely and effectively monitor workplace exposure services should consider a 5 Channel Gas Monitor that supports the detection of the "Toxic Twins" namely Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) The gas monitors should be readily available to responders without the need to wait for additional resources to arrive on scene. Gas Monitoring must form part of a safe system of work during the initial and subsequent phases of an incident.

4 Channel Gas Monitors have proved popular in the responder community for a while, because they are cheap. These are different to 5 channel gas monitors which provide a much broader range of sensor options including HCN,

Which gas monitors do you use?

Honeywell MicroAlert5 alarm

Key Operational Principles

  • Gas Monitoring - Pre and Post Fire
  • Wear PPE and RPE
  • Allow PPE to "Gas Off" for at least 2 mins before removing PPE and RPE.
  • Damp PPE and RPE Before Removal
  • Use Decontamination Wipes
  • Always take a shower on return to station